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When my now 12-year-old daughter was in preschool, I would drive her to school. Because we live in an area thick with traffic, this gave us time together—and me time to look at her in the rearview mirror. From the first traffic jam, I thought to...

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25 Nov Anchored In

When I was 18, I learned to scuba dive with my brother, uncle and two cousins. It was a surprisingly quick process, perhaps too quick. After a weekend of instruction in a pool and one dive in a quarry, our instructor, Arnie, said we were...

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25 Nov To Have And To Hold

When babies and toddlers, and even younger kids are unsure, tired, scared, hurt, upset, even scared, they will say to those they trust, “Hold me,” or as my daughter use to say to me, “Hold you.”   When a little one says, “Hold me,” they don’t care...

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